Trump’s Wiretap Tweets

President Trump recently accused former President Obama of wiretapping phones in Trump Tower:

These tweets are really bad. For Trump.

Firstly as this article details, the tweets can’t be literally true in any sense. The president does not have the authority to arbitrarily tap the phones/computers of American citizens. Trump is the president now which means that these tweets show he doesn’t understand the powers and limits of his own office.

Next lets say the tweets are true in the sense that their was in fact a federal investigation that involved wire taps on Trump. This would mean that there was sufficient evidence of criminal activity that a court issued a warrant for those wire taps. Again this would then be a terrible admission by Trump.

The final scenario, that I would assume Trump is angling for people to believe, is that there was no good evidence of criminal wrongdoing and the wire taps were authorized anyway. This means that the whole intelligence apparatus is corrupt and violating the constitutional rights of Americans. But the Trump administration has recently advocated for the intelligence community to retain its extremely broad powers! This is Trump’s federal government now. He has to be saying that it is completely broken but he will do nothing to reform it.

All in all there’s just no way that these tweets are not broadly self defeating. Not even considering the usual stuff about the childish unpresidential tone or the connotation that he gets his intelligence from Brietbart. It’s just generally unbelievably embarrassing.

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