This is not Normal

Donald Trump has been in office for 200 days now, and during that time he has completely redefined our understanding of what the President’s role is for our nation. He has questioned the legitimacy of American journalists, taken numerous vacations, and continued his attacks on Hillary Clinton – all while somehow failing to enact any meaningful legislation. As a President, Trump is an anomaly – something that this country has never seen before. Reading the news can be quite disheartening, especially when it seems that we can’t go an entire 24 hours without hearing of something else ridiculous that the President has done. His erratic behavior and unusual leadership style runs the risk of becoming normalized, and being accepted as the new standard for American Presidents. However we must never lose sight of the fact that nothing about the Trump Presidency is usual or ordinary. This is not normal.

  • It is not normal to tweet at early hours of the morning, and interacting with Twitter accounts who are likely paid bots
  • Is it not normal to follow the same propaganda tactics used by the FSB and other similar Russian strategies
  • It is not normal to continually question and undermine the legitimacy of a Special Counsel’s investigation into election interference
  • It is not normal to go on the offensive about leaks of sensitive information, only to later tweet articles that rely heavily upon leaked intel
  • It is not normal to continue having campaign-style rallies, where the crowd is encouraged to revert back to their 2016-esque “Lock her up” chants
  • It is not normal to have a constant revolving door of White House staff, where Anthony Scaramucci only lasted 10 days as Communication Director
  • It is not normal to praise dictators and other violent leaders for their “strength,” such as China and Turkey
  • It is not normal to speak disrespectfully and immaturely to leaders of our ally nations, Mexico and Australia
  • It is not normal to threaten North Korea with “fire and fury” in regards to their nuclear program

Nothing about the Trump presidency is normal, and it is critical that we remind ourselves of this fact. It seems that every news cycle is filled with more stories about how erratic Trump is acting, or the crazy comment that he made last. And while it certainly is true that Donald Trump behaves in this fashion, it is not acceptable behavior nor is it indicative of the nation as a whole. President Trump is not normal, and we cannot ever allow ourselves to forget that fact. The immediate weeks following his election, and again following his inauguration, we kept reminding ourselves about this. That the next four years would be filled with norms and establishments being challenged, that we must remember that the events that are happening in fact are not typical, and that we must fight back against them being normalized. However 200 days into the Trump Presidency, I already see us forgetting this fact and becoming numb to the daily deluge of news. I myself am guilty of this, but on the 200 day marker want to remind myself of this fact.

This is not normal.

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