Trump, Kanye West, and Twitter

What the hell is happening?

Every day, I look at the various things that are happening in my country – and in my nation’s politics specifically – and can’t help but think to myself that this all must be some elaborate joke. Maybe it’s a Truman Show situation, and we’re all just waiting for the big reveal. We’ve all been punk’d. I just need Ashton Kutcher to show up, point out the camera, say it’s all a prank, and free us from the insanity.

We live in a world where our President is tweeting stuff like this:


Apparently Trump and Kanye have a lot of history with one another. I had remembered hearing about this a while back, but didn’t really pay much attention to it. But I guess it’s back in the news now! And I have no idea what to think.

But hey, at least Kanye still listens to Kim, right?

Oh, and still likes Hillary. But also Trump. But not always. But kinda.

See, this type of stuff has come to be expected from Kanye West. It fits his character. Really not all that surprising. But what is surprising, however, is that Trump is getting involved in it now. Maybe that fits the character of Donald Trump, but it certainly does not fit the character of what I usually picture the Office of the President to be.

Goddamn I wish this were all actually just a joke…

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