moi polygond

“The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is hard to verify their validity.”
– Abraham Lincoln

My name is Ben Pettis. Welcome to my online digital portfolio!
Student, Camp Staffer, Ultimate Player, and more. These are just some of the many different hats that I currently wear. Here at the University of Oregon I am studying the ways in which new media can be used to help people tell their stories and share them with the world. I believe that when presented in the right way, almost any story can be compelling.
I have extensive experience with many facets of the media world including photography (digital and film), image manipulation, graphic design, video production and editing. This portfolio showcases recent projects that I have worked on. I also share details about what I’m up to on my full website and personal blog, benpettis.com.

Check out benpettis.ninja to see my online portfolio.

Check out here, benpettis.com, to see my personal blog and more.

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