Donald Trump’s Laundry List

President Andrew Jackson was criticized for his “Kitchen Cabinet,” a group of advisors and friends separate from the official cabinet that he turned to for policy advice and decisions. Jackson was heavily criticized for his kitchen cabinet, and it was a large factor in Martin Van Buren defeating him in the next election.

In a similar vein, President-elect Donald Trump has similar problems surrounding his administration. Trump has a “Laundry List,” a lengthy list of all the controversies, scandals, non-sensical statements, and questionably legal actions and positions that he has taken. Normally, this magnitude of issues would be enough to completely destroy a president’s credibility. However, Trump has somehow avoided this, possibly due to the sheer volume of controversies. Nonetheless, maintaining a list such as this is important in ensuring that these issues are not forgotten or overlooked.

I found this list originally created by Reddit user /u/MaximumEffort433 as a comment on a post about Trump’s ignoring the Government Ethics Office and requests to divest his assets. (Original Comment). I took that original list and have added to it and updated it as Trump continues to make news.

Donald Trump’s Laundry List:

No conflict… no conflict… YOU’RE THE CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

[The news is so exhausting… both mentally and emotionally draining to look at all the time. I try my best to keep up, but it’s hard to get everything]

[There is a 2-week gap here from when I last updated this page. I’m certain that I’ve missed a lot of things – it’s difficult to keep up with the constant stream of bullshit being blasted at us. God bless america.]

Updated April 27 2017, 3:00 PM PST

How long until Trump is out of office?