Curricular Development

See below for a sample of curricular development that I have done, including actual and proposed syllabi, as well as a handful of lesson plan samples.

Public Speaking Syllabus

Colorado State University • Public Speaking • SPCM 200

Spring 2019


Rather than have a separate “Common Syllabus” and “Syllabus Addendum” for my students, I chose to try to consolidate and simplify this semester. I combined the information from both documents into this single syllabus that contains all the information, assignments, and policies for students in one single place.

Introduction to Internet Culture

Sample Syllabus •Colorado State University


Course Description

As the Internet and other online communication technologies were being developed and adopted, there was significant discussion as to what effect this new “Cyberspace” might have on the ways we communicate and interact with one another. Some people have viewed Internet culture as a veritable utopia that may solve (or at least offer an escape from) the problems of the “real world.” Yet others have feared that Internet culture is a means for the worst aspects of human nature to collect. As with most thing, the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

This course explores issues of Internet Culture and considers what place it occupies in our contemporary society. By considering an array of opinions and interpretations on Internet Culture, this class provides a broad overview of how Internet Culture has developed, how it functions, and what relation the “virtual” world has to the “real” world.

Public Speaking Syllabus Addendum

Colorado State University • Public Speaking • SPCM 200

Fall 2018


While there is a common syllabus for all sections of SPCM 200 Public Speaking, each individual instructor creates their own class-specific policies, procedures, and certain assignments.