Teaching Observations & Evaluations

Feedback is incredibly important to me, and I lean heavily upon any and all comments that I receive to continually improve my teaching. All feedback - even the most seemingly-negative comments - have a certain degree of truth to them, and thus helps guide my teaching styles, and heavily influence the planning and decisions that I make. In addition to formal observations and evaluations, which I have included samples of here, I also regularly collect impromptu feedback from my students so that I can make on-the-fly adjustments during the course.


Fall 2018

On a scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent), I received average scores of:

  • 4.73 for “How well did the instructor create an atmosphere that was respectful of student opinions, ideas, and differences?”

  • 4.64 for “How do you rate the instructor’s knowledge of the subject?”

  • 4.55 for “How do you rate the instructor’s effectiveness at managing class sessions?”

Full course survey data available at coursesurvey.colostate.edu



Fall 2018

Received feedback from the Director of the Basic Course, describing my work as completed with “excellence and with the utmost professionalism.”

Department faculty have described to the Director of the Basic Course that I am “considered ‘stellar,’ ‘humble,’ and a great teacher.”