Puppy Monkey Baby

Yet another Super Bowl has come and gone – the Denver Broncos pulled off an impressive victory, Beyoncé almost fell down, and the NFL missed out on a great opportunity to cover their advertisements and promotions with “SUPER BOWL L.” (Seriously though, “Super Bowl 50 instead of just a huge L – come on now!”

And of course, there were the commercials…

This year had quite the… um “interesting” array of advertisements spread throughout the game. But the one that really became infamous was for the energy drink/mountain dew/juice thing, which was brought to us by none other than a “puppy monkey baby” – supposedly three awesome things all in one.

More like three nightmares all combined into one.

It’s strange – though I’ve heard many of my friends discussing this advertisement, I can’t think of a single instance in which people were talking about it in a positive light. This ad seems to be universally hated by everyone who saw it. It’s gross, nonsensical, and just generally weird. But despite this hate, I think that this was one of the most successful ads to run during the Super Bowl. Sure, everyone hated it. Yet everyone is talking about it–which is one of the main goals that advertisers are trying to achieve.

It’s like the Captain Jack Sparrow of ads:
“You are without a doubt the worst advertisement I’ve ever heard of.”
“Ah, but you have heard of me.”

How to Be Terrible at Air Travel

“Airport Gimhae 7” by Brücke-Osteuropa – Own work. Licensed under CC via Commons

Most every can agree that air travel is pretty terrible as-is. With busy airport terminals, TSA security checkpoints, and tight schedules, the entire process can be quite the ordeal. However, if you think that traveling on an airplane just isn’t quite stressful enough yet, here are some tips on how to make the entire thing even worse.

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Mac or PC?

It's fun to watch browsers fumblingly recapitulate the history of window management. Someday we'll have xmonad as a Firefox extension.


Unless of course your department insists that everyone have a shiny new iMac in order to maintain a “mac-friendly ecosystem” (What does that even mean?) despite our constant reminding that Macs don’t always play nicely with Active Directory and often cause more problems than they’re worth–also you’re only using Microsoft Office for your work and you’re running a Parallels VM for a few pieces of Windows-only software but there is no way that you are going to not use a Mac.

No, I’m not bitter or upset about a few users.


Sometimes it really sucks working an 8-5 desk job. Sure, doing general IT helpdesk things is a real drag a lot of the time, there is sometimes a help ticket like this that just makes it all worthwhile.

fridge ticket

Sort of.

The Litterbug

A short film created for my CINE 270 class (Intro to Narrative Production) at the University of Oregon.

Written and Directed by Ben Pettis

Ryan Olson
Taylor McKnight
Kayleigh Jenson
Dawood Alnassar

1st Assistant Director: Jannik Ehret
2nd Assistant Director: Cosette LeMay

Director of Photography: Laura Brehm
2nd Unit DP: Guillermo Esquivel
1st Assistant Camera: Leila Ozeran
2nd Assistant Camera: Kierra Fantroy-Harrison

Sound Mixer: Micaela Hermandez
Boom Op: Luisa Tolson
2nd Sound Mixer: Dana Alston
2nd Boom Op: Jeff Knight
PA: Kasey Christiansen

What a lovely bunch of fools. I love them all, but we’re still all fools nonetheless.