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a photo of a yellow warning sign showing a person tripping into a hole. There is text above which reads 'beside the rabbit hole'

It’s a common warning that we need to be carefult to not “go too far down the rabbit hole” – that is, we don’t want to get too caught up debating the specifics of some particular definition, or want to avoid going too far off on some tangent. And in almost all cases, this is certainly great advice.

But I also think we don’t want to lose sight of the rabbit hole entirely. If the definition of something has such a contested meaning, it must be pretty important. Or at the very least it’s a sign that something interesting is going on.

In each season of the Beside the Rabbit Hole podcast, I pick a topic that has the potential to go down a definitional rabbit hole, and I walk us right up to the edge. But instead of diving in, we explore that surrounding area and see what issues are at stake and to understand why there’s a rabbit hole to possibly fall into in the first place.


Season One - What's the Deal with Video Podcasts?

October 1, 2021

An photo of a mint green iPod nano with a video playing

Podcasts are everywhere these days! There’s countless podcasts representing countless subjects and providing something to serve countless interests. And with this ubiquity of podcasting, there is also an unspoken assumption that we all know what podcasts are and how we consume them—that is, we all know that podcasts are things we listen to, right? Well, not necessarily...