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Ben Pettis

Lantern 2.0

May 01, 2022

The Lantern logo. It is a cerulean blue color. There is a mining-style lantern on the left, and the word 'lantern' in curvy lowercase letters beside it.

During the Summer and Fall of 2021, I have been working with Eric Hoyt to upgrade and the backend and redesign the interface for Lantern, the search platform for the Media History Digital Library. This has been a highly involved project, and has required me to essentially recreate the entire website with a newer version of Ruby on Rails to use a more recent version of Blacklight (which is used to enable a Rails website to easily query an Apache SOLR Index). We are currently running an open test of the upgraded interface, and plan to fully deploy the new version later in 2022.

Visit the Lantern 2.0 Beta Site