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Ben Pettis

Muskless Twitter

November 15, 2022

A screenshot of the website. There is a simplified graphic of a smartphone at the center and the heading 'Twitter now with 1000% less Musk!' Beneath this there is a fake social media newsfeed

In late 2022, some rich guy called Elon Musk bought Twitter and almost immediately began running it into the ground. This prompted many people (myself included) to leave the platform and seek out alternative social media platforms. I created this super basic webpage to give us what we all really want - the ability to type something in a box and feel like it goes somewhere - the digital equivalent of screaming into the void.

The website itself is incredibly simple and has virtually zero functionality whatsoever. It's a basic static website that uses HTML+CSS (thank you W3C Schools!) to create a "smartphone" in the browser. I then manually wrote some fake "tweets" to put on this timeline. Finally, just a bit of JavaScript to add new elements to the DOM so that visitors can "add" their own tweets.

As a little easter egg, try posting something and entering @elonmusk as the username. See? User verification is easy, right?