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Thinking About Media!

November 01, 2022

A screenshot of a website with white text on a dark grey background. The text reads: "Trust me, bro": A (re)imagination of Thomas the Tank Engine Since 2020 it has become increasingly apparent that Barack Obama has had an outspoken influence on digital native. But this relationship is not limited to modern media contexts. As early as 1850 early instances of radicalization could be seen emerging with an orientation toward the future. In this paper, I argue that Geocities shows that scholars must return to Geocities. To do this, the paper draws upon media industries frameworks to inform its use of Critical Technocultural Discourse Analysis to critically examine Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Doing media studies scholarship doesn't have to be difficult! Struggling to come up with a topic to write about? Looming deadlines and just nothing coming to mind?

Use this generator to automatically generate a title and abstract for your next paper, conference proposal, or other presentation!

I mean, if we're studying and critiquing media and technology, why not put some of those same technologies to use and get it to do our work for us?

Inspired by @matthew_paul's #TeamRhetoric Twitter Bot, the website uses a JavaScript library called Tracery, originally written by Kate Compton. Using a series of template phrases and mad-libs style replacements, the site generates paper topics and abstracts fitting for any media studies scholar!

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Source code is available on GitHub: