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Ben Pettis

WCFTR Website

January 13, 2023

A screenshot of the homepage of the WCFTR website. There is a black horizontal menu bar, a paragraph of text, and a red box with a photograph of a reading room.

During the Fall of 2022, I worked on a redesign of the website for the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research (WCFTR). The previous WCFTR website used Drupal as its content management system. In addition to the design being somewhat dated, Drupal was significantly limiting the functionality and usability of the site. I assisted with migrating that old website's content to WordPress. We are using an adapted version of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's branded WordPress theme, more clearly designating the WCFTR as part of the campus community. Additionally, the new WordPress website integrates more effectively with the department's other websites and has helped WCFTR staff to be able to more easily add new content.

The new website launched in January 2023 and is now live to the public at https://wcftr.commarts.wisc.edu