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Ben Pettis

Validating, Testing, and Exporting Websites

April 15, 2022


A screenshot of the W3C Markup Validation Service website
Intro to Digital Media Production (CA 155)
Spring 2022

I use this lab exercise during the last day of class that we have prior to the submission deadline. Ideally at this point in the project, students should be mostly finished with their websites and will soon be ready to export and submit their work. This lab exercise serves as an instruction guide for how to ensure that all of their web files stay together (by creating a .zip archive) and making sure that students know how to submit their work to be graded. Additionally, the lab exercise is an opportunity to reiterate the importance of writing accessible HTML code. Beginning coders often forget to include alt attributes on images, or may write incorrect code that ends up displaying okay in their own browsers—but may not work properly in all settings. This lab exercise asks that students submit their HTML and CSS code to the W3C validation services to identify possible errors and warnings in their code.

Download a copy of the lab exercise handout here:Click Here! (PDF, 197 KB)