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Ben Pettis

Noise Reduction

November 15, 2021


A screenshot of a computer screen with a Photoshop document open. The center of the document has a black background, and there are several shapes and lines crudely drawn in. In the top right corner of the image there is a picture-in-picture view of a person sitting at a computer looking toward the camera
Intro to Digital Media Production (CA 155)
Fall 2021

This lab activity is used toward the middle of our unit on audio editing and podcast production. At this point, many students have had a chance to begin experiment with basic editing in Adobe Audition - including cutting clips and re-arranging tracks. Many have also begun to try recording their own audio.

This lab activity builds on this prior knowledge and showcases some of Audition's powerful noise-reduction tools. It walks through 3 methods for reducing un-wanted noise in an audio recording:

  • Using the EQ to reduce a single tone (or range of tones)
  • Using "Noise Prints" and the "Noise Reduction" tool to remove background hissing sounds
  • Using the Auto Heal Tool to remove a highly targeted selection of audio

Download a copy of the assignment description here: Click Here (PDF, 158 KB)

A copy of the files used during the lab is available for you to download: Click Here ( shared folder)